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Anti-aging, or rejuvenation of the human body, is a new medical specialization that aims to achieve the best possible state of health. This method with the help of hyperbaric oxygen therapy not only successfully slows down the aging process, but it also manages to reverse the aging process and rejuvenate the human body.

Our company closely monitors the development and latest results of the Anti-aging process, which was achieved by Israeli scientists led by the head of research, Mr. Shai Efratim from the Medical Faculty of Tel Aviv University. After 60 days of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), thanks to the procedures (in a group of participants over 64 years of age), the process of biological aging was successfully reversed. The resulting cellular level of the participants' body and brain was at the level of a 39-year-olds, ie. it improved by 25 years.

The patients were treated for 60 days and always approx. 90 minutes in a hyperbaric chamber at 1-2 ATA. The process of tissue and stem cell renewal occurred in the form of alternation (fluctuation) of the amount of oxygen - hyperoxia and hypoxia.

The recovery process is as follows: patients first receive nearly 100% oxygen in the hyperbaric chamber (hyperoxia). After 20 minutes, participants take off their masks for five minutes and breathe only normal atmospheric 21% oxygen in the chamber. This returns their oxygen levels in the body to normal levels. These steps are then repeated once more. During this time, the researchers found that fluctuations in oxygen concentration were interpreted at the cellular level as a lack of oxygen. This temporary lack of oxygen caused the cells to regenerate, ie. rejuvenate the body. The results showed that hyperbaric oxygen therapy actually reversed the aging process in two of its main aspects: telomeres at the ends of chromosomes increased by 20% -38% in different cell types; and the percentage of senescent cells (causing malignancy) in the total cell population was significantly reduced - by 11% - 37% depending on the cell type.

In other words, repeated intermittent hyperoxic exposure (increased oxygen levels) elicited several cellular responses that are usually induced during hypoxia (decreased oxygen levels). According to Efrati, this effect is called the "hyperoxic-hypoxic paradox."

This rejuvenation affects damaged cells and tissues, but does not apply to necrotic - that is, already dead tissues.

In the following link you can watch a lecture by Mr. Efrati, which took place on November 18, 2020 and is in English with Czech subtitles.

Once the covid restrictions are over, our company will regularly attend lectures in this field and then post information on our site.


Healing and rejuvenation at Aviv Clinic

Our company offers the opportunity to arrange rejuvenation treatment directly at the Aviv Clinic. This treatment is performed in large hyperbaric chambers for 12 weeks (5 times a week, a total of 60 HBOT procedures) under the supervision of physicians. Aviv Clinic has its own clinics in Israel, Florida and, since the 2nd quarter of 2021, also in Dubai. 150 new participants are accepted here every day. We have received our first inquiries regarding the rejuvenation treatment, and it will be processed once the pandemic restrictions allow. If you are interested in this comprehensive regeneration procedure, contact us to discuss the costs and to book an appointment.