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Crohn's disease

Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis are autoimmune chronic diseases of the digestive tract that cause inflammatory processes in various parts of the digestive system. In Crohn's disease, it is most often in the area of ​​the connection of the small and large intestine. In ulcerative colitis, it is ulcers on the mucosa of the large intestine and the rectum.

In the world, especially in the USA and Western Europe, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which alleviates or eliminates inflammation in the intestine, has proved very useful for the treatment of these two diseases. Hyperbaric therapy is a great anti-inflammatory agent, where at a chamber pressure of 1.5 -2.5 ATA and breathing almost 100% oxygen, there is a rapid healing of the intestine and treatment of fistulas. At the same time, the duration of remissions is prolonged with a reduced frequency of relapses (recurrences) of these diseases. This method of treatment, so-called hyperbaroxia, has virtually no side effects on the body. We have foreign clinical studies available, which we will be happy to send you on request.